Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's A Start

This was the best result we could get without completely damaging my hair.

The underneath is still black but there are a few highlights worked in here and there to try and tone down the color some.

It's much better than black and my roots will blend much better. It'll be a few visits until I get it lightened to where I want it but I rather have (kinda) healthy hair than the color I really want right now.

But I like it. And more importantly, the kids approve. Hubba Bubba hasn't seen it yet but he likes all my different hair colors. It's like he gets a new wife every few months. =)

On a different note, tomorrow I will start up my P90X workouts again. I stopped due to a cyst in my spinal cord. It's still there and I've been a little chicken to start working out again. Walking, jogging and all that low-impact stuff isn't really a problem for my spine but it's boring. Plus I want some results I can feel and see.

Here's an image of the issue in my spinal cord. Or the medical term, the Syringomyelia.

I did get the OK from the Doc back in January that I could workout again. And he knew about the weight lifting and stuff that I use to do so he knew I wasn't talking about simple shit. I've just been in a lot of (silent) pain lately and I'm a little chicken to start a hardcore workout again.

So tomorrow, expect me to report in about how difficult my one-hour workout was and in the following day's, I can guarantee some whining.

Happy Hump Day everybody! And if you have a glass of wine, have a second one for me.

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