Monday, February 21, 2011

Weigh In, Orange Marker, A Color Change

So today's weigh-in results -170.6 lbs. Exactly 2lbs. less than last week. I was hoping I could kiss the 70's goodbye this weigh-in but I'll for sure be in the 60's next week.

And for lunch today, Jack-in-the-Crack. That seems to be a good pattern for me. I eat well throughout the entire week and weekend (usually), then I weigh-in Monday morning and come lunch time, it's cheat time.


Today we started getting things done around the house to help us prepare for our move. My hubby joked that once we start getting ready to list the house for rent, something's going to go wrong. Like juice will get spilled on the carpet or there will be holes put in the wall from moving furniture or something like that.

He jinxed us.

Today, Bean decided she wanted to make our Silver Drop painted walls (it's a very light grey) a little brighter. She took an orange marker to them. =( Luckily it was a washable marker so it didn't do any permanent damage.


On Wednesday I will be venturing into the hair salon. A lady who was my make-up & hair chick on a shoot will try and get the black out of my hair. I'm a frequent flyer in the hair coloring department and I'm done with the black. And hopefully this time I have learned my lesson about how difficult this color is to get out.

The image of me to the right, that's about as close to my natural color that you're probably going to see. On Wednesday, I'm shooting for a caramel shade. Below are some hair colors I'm considering.

What number is your favorite?

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lhmarinez said...

With your coloring- I vote for #3. Good luck, doll! On the weight, the move, AND of course, the HAIR!