Sunday, February 6, 2011

Oh, How I love Chick-fil-A

Yesterday was not a good day in my dieting world. I started off good, with a healthy shake (Herbalife) and a piece of wheat toast but it didn't end well at all.

We headed down to visit the in-laws and on our way, stopped at my FAVORITE fast food restaurant. Chick-fil-A. Yum! If you haven't noticed yet, fast food chains are starting to display the calorie count on their menus. At least in California they're doing it. A Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich meal complete with waffle fries (because why when I'm on a diet would I choose to substitute those with the fruit) will run you close to 1000 calories. Crap!

But like any other person on a diet who suffers from control issues, I caved. (Please tell me I'm not the only one who suffers with those issues.) I had my meal, complete with tasty waffle fries and their delicious sweet tea and you know what, I loved every minute of it. And exactly 5 minutes after finishing my meal and hopping in the car with the kids and hubs, I thought "why the hell did I do that?".

I tell myself this All. The. Time! Delicious foods that aren't good for you only offer your mind temporary satisfaction. Leaving your body to pay the price for what could turn out to be years to come.

I ended up having an American-sized portion for dinner along with way too much french bread. I blame that on being Italian. I can't resist pasta, breads, and all things carb.


Jodi said...

I followed your other blog and now I'm following this blog!!

Ella said...

Another blog, huh. Well that is good. I will look at it often as I did the other one. Good luck with the diet. You can do it.